Workshop seeks way new to improve the quality of managers of state-owned enterprises

On October 18 , a workshop on improving the quality of human resources, managers and administrators of state-owned enterprises, following the socialist-oriented market economy and international integration in the new situation, was held in Hanoi.
An overview of the workshop
An overview of the workshop

The workshop was jointly held by the Scientific Council of the Party Central Committee’s organs, the PCCs Economic Commission and the Party Committee of the Central Enterprises Bloc.

More than 20 presentations and direct opinions presented at the workshop focused on clarifying the theoretical and practical basis, assessing the current situation and problems, bottlenecks, and international experiences and proposing orientations, requirements, the role of the Party committee and mechanisms, policies and solutions to continue renewing and improving the quality of state-owned enterprise management and administration staff, in line with the socialist-oriented market economy and international integration in the new situation.

The results of the workshop will be gathered and processed to contribute to the implementation of Resolution No.12-NQ/TW dated June 3, 2017, of the 5th Plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee, on continuing to restructure, innovate and improve the efficiency of state-owned enterprises; especially directly contributing opinions to the preparation of a scheme on developing regulations on recruitment, training, fostering and appointment of management and administration staff of state-owned enterprises following the political regime, market mechanism and meeting the requirements of international integration, to be submitted to the Politburo in November 2022.