Action plan promulgated to develop Mekong Delta’s adaption to climate change

A comprehensive action plan has been promulgated to realise the Government Resolution 120/NQ-CP dated November 17, 2017, on facilitating sustainable development in the Mekong Delta in adaptation to climate change.

Mangroves are being planted in Kien Giang province to fight off erosion (Photo: VNA)
Mangroves are being planted in Kien Giang province to fight off erosion (Photo: VNA)

The action plan defines six key groups of solutions to realise the resolution, focusing on reviewing and completing current policies and mechanisms, updating and systemising data, building territorial planning, developing an economic structure adaptive to climate change, upgrading infrastructure, and mobilising available resources.

Accordingly, the current policies and mechanisms will be thoroughly reviewed in order to prevent overlapping documents on Mekong Delta. Particularly, policies on land and technology transfer in agricultural production will be examined and amended to improve the region’s resilience to climate change.

Under the action plan, the region will develop a climate-smart economic structure with a focus on aquaculture farming, and fruit tree and rice growing. Priorities will also be made for developing green growth and a low carbon economy, renewable energy, reforestation, coastal protection, and tourism.

Practical actions and measures will be taken to mitigate serious erosion along rivers and coastal areas while upgrading irrigation and sea dyke systems and protecting mangrove forest.

In addition, flood resistant housing will be piloted in areas that are vulnerable to climate change and rising sea levels in the region to guarantee locales’ safety during floods, storms and cyclones.