Arts programme marks 49 years of implementing Uncle Ho’s Testament

An arts programme, entitled “Remember Uncle Ho’s Teachings”, will be held by the Nhan Dan Newspaper at the Hanoi Opera House on the evening of August 29, as part of activities to mark the 73rd anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day (1945-2018) and 49 years of the implementation of President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament (1969-2018).

The logo of the programme "Remember Uncle Ho's Teachings".
The logo of the programme "Remember Uncle Ho's Teachings".

The event aims to remind the generations of today and tomorrow to study and follow the late President’s ideology, morality and lifestyle, together with lessons learned from his great revolutionary cause and divine Testament.

The programme also contributed to encouraging the entire Party, people and army to continue successfully implementing Uncle Ho’s Testament and teachings in the new revolutionary situation, especially in national construction and Party rectification in line with the spirit of the Resolution of the fourth plenum of the Party Central Committee (12th tenure).

Those messages will be shown through a special reportage produced by Nhan Dan Television with a number of clips, including one on Uncle Ho’s art of human to use.

The programme will also feature a few scenes of the short plays performed by popular artists of the Hanoi Drama Theatre, through which Uncle Ho’s ideologies about the construction of the Party, administration and morality of revolutionary cadres, are reflected in a simple but vivid fashion.

Within the framework of the programme, there are also some special works performed by artists of the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre, praising President Ho Chi Minh, his feelings for the country; and the Vietnamese people’s love for the nation’s “great Father".