Belgium-supported organisations sign commitments for environmental stability

Eleven international organisations operating in Vietnam and supported by the Belgium Government signed a commitment on further contributions to environmental sustainability at a ceremony held in Hanoi on November 9.

Belgian Ambassador to Vietnam P.Jansen signing the comitment
Belgian Ambassador to Vietnam P.Jansen signing the comitment

The participants included: the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the Belgian Embassy in Vietnam, Humanity & Inclusion, Live & Learn Vietnam, Oxfam in Vietnam, Plan International Vietnam, Rikolto Vietnam, Towards Transparency, VVOB Vietnam and WWF Vietnam.

Climate change, environmental pollution and waste have become a harsh reality in Vietnam; therefore, all organisations and people should join hands to overcome all challenges related toa these crises.

Belgium has actively contributed to Vietnam’s development over recent decades. Its financial assistance to international organisations has contributed to sustainable development across many diverse sectors.

These organisations have pursued many goals associated with their operations such as agricultural products, healthcare, education and sustainable jobs in Vietnam.

Since 2018, all Belgian-supported non-governmental organisations have joined a roadmap of cooperation and learning about environmental stability, named “From green offices to the sustainable development of the entire environment”.

The commitment sets out operational goals towards achieving environmental sustainability, showing a strong sense of commitmentto learning, perfecting and implementing environmental sustainability practices with the support of Belgium.