Conference seeks to attract more Muslim tourists to Quang Ninh

Attracting tourists to Vietnam from the Indian market and Muslim countries, in the near future, is one of the measures for Vietnamese tourism to increase competitiveness and accelerate post-COVID-19 recovery.
An overview of the conference
An overview of the conference

A conference was held in the northern province of Quang Ninh on September 12 to attract Muslim tourists to the locality, as part of its plan to fully tap into the potential of the international tourism market.

At the event, held by the Quang Ninh Provincial Department of Tourism, representatives of several major international travel agencies from India and Vietnam analysed the advantages and limitations of Quang Ninh’s tourism products, thereby proposing solutions to attract Muslim tourists moving forward.

Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Trung Khanh emphasised the need to improve the technical infrastructure, to meet the demands of Muslim visitors.

He also stressed the importance of training relevant human resources, who possess full knowledge of the culture, religion, beliefs, and languages of the Muslim people, while simultaneously preparing tourism products and services and seeking to enhance tourism promotion activities in target markets, such as the Middle East and South Asia.

About 140 million Muslim tourists are expected to travel to countries around the world this year, with this rising to about 230 million by 2028, with a total spending of up to US$225 billion.

Vietnam is focusing on exploiting and expanding Halal restaurants to serve the culinary needs of Muslim tourists. Food products with Halal certification stamps are trusted by Muslims.

In addition, attention will be paid to building prayer facilities specifically for Muslims in public areas, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues, to ensure convenience for visitors.