Continuing to write epic of Ho Chi Minh era

Today, our entire Party, people and army are celebrating the 129th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, with the noblest spiritual love and unlimited gratitude to the genius leader of the Party and our people, the great teacher of the Vietnamese revolution, the national liberation hero, the global cultural celebrity and an undaunted revolutionary soldier. He has made our nation and our people radiant. His life and career is forever a shining example to guide and strongly encourage the generation of Vietnamese to make efforts and unity in the construction, protection and development of the country.

President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: CPV)
President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: CPV)

With a deep patriotic spirit, President Ho Chi Minh sacrificed his life for the struggle for national liberation and for peace and happiness of the Vietnamese people. With a burning desire “the ultimate desire to make our nation independent, all people have food and clothing, and everyone to be educated”, he travelled all over the world to work and study the reality of the struggles of oppressed peoples and the nature of capitalism. The difficult journey led him to Marxism-Leninism as a historical necessity, which helped him to recognise that it was the only road for the struggle for national liberation, class freedom and liberating the people. It is a proletarian revolution, led by the Communist Party. Under his founding, training and leadership, the Communist Party of Vietnam has gathered the strength of great national unity, overcoming numerous difficulties and challenges to earn glorious achievements. It was the August Revolution in 1945 to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first people-owned state in the history of the nation. It was the victory of the resistance war against the French colonialists, culminating in the Dien Bien Phu Victory. It was the victory of the anti-American war, ending in the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign in April 1975 to reunite the divided nation. The liberated Vietnam has followed socialism. Under the leadership of the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh, our people from slavery have become masters of themselves, mastering the destiny of the country. The country of Vietnam from being poor and backward has entered a period of accelerating industrialisation and modernisation, gaining an increasingly important position in the world.

President Ho Chi Minh is a shining symbol of the essence of the nation and the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people. He devoted his whole life to the revolutionary cause of the Party and our people. He sacrificed and devoted his whole life to serving the revolution, the motherland and the people. The life of President Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful symbol of resilient revolutionary spirit, independent spirit and self-reliance, putting the interests of the Party, country and people above all, with diligence, thrift, integrity, honesty and impartiality, while being a great example of morals, thinking, behaviour and working style. Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, the Ho Chi Minh era, Ho Chi Minh’s morals and Ho Chi Minh's style, shining in the hearts of the Vietnamese people, are a valuable legacy for future generations.

This year’s 129th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh takes place in an exciting and proud atmosphere when the country experiences nearly 33 years of Doi Moi (Renovation), gaining great achievements with great significance. The whole country is trying to successfully implement the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, while preparing for all-level Party congresses on the threshold of the 13th National Party Congress as the spirit of the 10th meeting of the Party Central Committee has just closed. It is also the time of the upcoming seventh session of the 14 tenure of the National Assembly, which will discuss and decide many important issues of the country. The whole country is also actively organising many activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sacred testament of President Ho Chi Minh.

As a practical activity to commemorate the 129th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, the whole Party, the entire army and all people are determined to unite, turning the love for Uncle Ho into a specific revolutionary action. The branches, levels, localities and units put efforts into implementing the programmes and plans set out, striving to complete the targets and tasks of 2019, to successfully implement the resolutions of the all-level Party congresses and the 12th Party Congress' resolution. Party organisations have strengthened their learning and following of the ideologies, morals and style of Ho Chi Minh, with the implementation of the 12th National Party Congress’s Resolution 4 on enhancing Party building and rectification, and preventing and curbing ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation, as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party, while actively fighting against bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, individualism, and “group interests”. Studying and following Uncle Ho's teachings, each officer and party member should raise their responsibility, seriously implement self-criticism and critique, practice moral qualities, working styles, and prove themself worthy of their role as a leader by working as a loyal servant of the people. Every Vietnamese citizen across the country should be deeply imbued with the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh on Solidarity, solidarity, great solidarity – Success, success, great success, joining hands to build a rich country and beautiful homeland, to be worthy of being the son of Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh era.

With the noblest spiritual love and unlimited gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, aiming to promote the great and valuable legacy of Ho Chi Minh, it is necessary to continue to mobilise the nation's strength, promote the renovation process comprehensively and synchronously, strongly stimulate internal resources, develop quickly and sustainably, make Vietnam more and more beautiful, civilised, walking abreast with other countries in the world as Uncle Ho's wish, and writing the epic of the Ho Chi Minh era.