Proud of the glorious Party, remaining the banner leading the nation forever

With today’s atmosphere of an upcoming spring, the entire people and armed forces joyfully celebrate the 94th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the party of the working people and the heroic Vietnamese nation. Proud of the glorious Party, we will forever believe and remain steadfast in the revolutionary path chosen by our beloved Uncle Ho and the Party.
A painting on the conference to establish the Communist Party of Vietnam.
A painting on the conference to establish the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Exactly 94 years ago, under the chair of Nguyen Ai Quoc, a meeting convened and decided to merge the Indochinese Communist Party, the An Nam Communist Party and the Indochinese Communist League into a single party, called the Communist Party of Vietnam.

This event created a momentous turning point that ended the long crisis in the organisation and direction of the Vietnamese revolution and opened the most brilliant and glorious era in the nation’s history – the Ho Chi Minh era. February 3, 1930, became the founding day of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Since then, under the Party’s leadership banner, Vietnamese people from all walks of life have gathered and united to create the great national unity bloc, which has marched firmly on the path of glorious revolutionary struggles.

They are the struggle to seize power from 1930 to 1945, culminating in the August Revolution, which founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam – the first people’s democratic country in Southeast Asia; the national resistance war to restore peace in the north in 1954; the cause of building socialism in the north; the struggle to liberate the south and reunify the country in 1975; efforts to overcome the consequences of war, protect the country’s territorial integrity and advance towards socialism; and carrying out reforms to build a wealthier country.

During such times of hardship, the Party has forged a close bond with the people and always received the people’s absolute support and trust. In all difficult circumstances, the Party always brings the strength of the people’s solidarity and patriotism into play to turn challenges into opportunities and continue to create miracles of the era.

The diverse and vivid reality of the Vietnamese revolution over the past 94 years has demonstrated that the Party’s sound leadership is the leading decisive factor to all victories.

On the other hand, through the process of revolutionary leadership, the Party has always been trained to become more mature and worthy of the revolutionary leadership mission and the people’s trust and expectations.

In particular, the great achievements of historical significance in the past nearly 40 years of reform are the product of creativity and the result of persistent and continuous efforts of the Party, all the people and members of the armed forces. They affirm that the reform path launched and directed by our Party is correct and creative and that the path to socialism is appropriate with objective laws, the Vietnamese reality and the development trend of the times.

The Party’s political platform continues to be the ideological and theoretical banner leading the nation to push through comprehensive reform and the foundation for the Party to refine its policy of building and protecting the socialist Vietnamese nation in the new period.

Looking back at the Party’s 94-year history, we are eternally grateful for the great contributions of President Ho Chi Minh - the gifted leader and great teacher of the Vietnamese revolution, who founded, led and trained the Communist Party of Vietnam.

We will forever remember the dedication and sacrifices of our predecessors, heroes, martyrs, and the nation’s outstanding sons and daughters, who bravely fought and made great contributions to the glorious revolutionary cause.

Proud of the glorious Party and the nation’s glorious traditions, we are determined to protect the revolutionary achievements and create new miracles.

2024 is a year of special significance in implementing the tasks of the 2021-2025 term and in creating momentum for subsequent years. The entire Party, people and armed forces are highly determined and will make even greater efforts to fulfil the set goals.

In all tasks, the Party and State always hold the viewpoint that “the people are the roots”; truly believe in, respect and promote the people’s right to mastery. The Party will further step up its Party-building and rectification work, build an effective government of high integrity, and keep up the fight against corruption and degradation.

In the joy of a new spring, the whole Party, people and armed forces are determined to build a strong, wealthy and culturally advanced socialist-oriented Vietnam.