Creating favourable conditions for youths to train and mature

Today millions of Youth Union members across the country are celebrating the 87th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) (March 26, 1981-2018).

Over the past 87 years,the HCYU and generations of youngsters have created a glorious tradition. (Photo:
Over the past 87 years,the HCYU and generations of youngsters have created a glorious tradition. (Photo:

The year 2018 is the first year that the Resolution of the 11th National Youth Union Congress has been implemented, marking a new milestone for the HCYU.

The celebration of the Union’s anniversary is an important opportunity for young people to review the heroic history and tradition of the HCYU, as well as to continue to express their responsibility and role in inheriting and promoting creativity and volunteerism for the cause of national construction and defence.

Over the past 87 years, under the leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, the HCYU and generations of youngsters have created a glorious tradition and promoted a pioneering spirit, for the country’s independence, freedom, peace and prosperity.

Young Vietnamese people have always held a deep patriotic spirit, an absolute loyalty to the Party and a strong attachment to the nation’s interests and people. They have also been willing to receive and successfully fulfill all assigned tasks and have upheld their hard-working spirit and creativity as well as being united and supporting each other in starts-up. Therefore, the movements launched by the HCYU have been implemented widely, gaining great achievements. The youth organisations have been built and consolidated forcefully and the united national front for young people has been extended.

However, challenges as a result of modern life are raising concerns about young people and the youth union’s works. Several youngsters have manifestations of faded belief in revolutionary ideals, pragmatic living and divergence of fine cultural tradition of the nation. Some others have been even manipulated and incited by hostile forces to do things against the Youth Union’s glorious tradition and the Party’s goals and revolutionary ideals. In addition, many youth organisations are embarrassed in researching and proposing measures to address the above issues, as well as acting tardily in participating in the settlement of pressing problems that have had negative impacts on youths and children.

Several educational activities launched by the Youth Union have not been effective; meanwhile the quality of youth organsiations at grassroots levels, particularly in rural areas and industrial parks, has been inadequate.

In order to affirm its role in the national construction and defence, the HCYU and its organisations should be determined to accelerate more drastic measures to implement the set movements and action plans. The Union should also renovate its working programmes in line with the situation of the country and the youth.

The important goal of the youth organisations is to help young people to train and mature, as well as to have a firm political ideology and belief in the revolutionary ideals and the way that the Party, President Ho Chi Minh and people has chosen. It is essential to effectively implement three revolutionary movements, including ‘Youth Volunteer’, ‘Creative Youth’ and ‘Pioneering Youth to protect the Fatherland’ as well as continue to maintain special campaigns.

The HCYU needs to focus on implementing three major tasks assigned to it by the Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the 11th National Youth Union Congress. They were the enhancement of the education of revolutionary ideals, morals and cultural lifestyles for younger generations; the strengthening of the youth organisations to be worthy of the Party's reliable reserve team; and improvement of the efficiency of its movements and programmes to promote the youths’ role, as well as to affirm the youth unions’ responsibility in protecting the legal rights and interests of young people.

The Party committees, governments, the Vietnam Fatherland Fronts at all levels and people should grasp thoroughly and raise their responsibility, and foster, educate and encourage the youngsters’ role and potential. Leaders of the Party committees and governments need to penetrate the activities of the youth organisations and the situation of young people, as well as listen to and share the difficulties of youths in order to set reasonable decisions, meeting their legitimate aspirations in the start-up process. It is crucial to institutionalise and concretise the Party’s guidelines on the youth and the youth union's members work that were highlighted in the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress, the Resolution No.25 of the 10th Party Central Committee (PCC) and the Directive No.42 of the 11th PCC’s Secretariat. The committees and governments should also have confidence in the youths to assign important tasks for themselves as well as create favourable conditions and encourage them to study and train, make great contributions to the country.