Danish Ambassador: Green Strategic Partnership brings bilateral ties to new level

Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolai Prytz highlighted the recent establishment of Green Strategic Partnership (GSP) between Vietnam and Denmark has openinh up a new chapter in their 50-year relationship, during a recent meeting with the press.
Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolai Prytz speaks at the press briefing.
Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolai Prytz speaks at the press briefing.

Prytz said since 2015, Vietnam and Denmark have shifted away from a donor-recipient relationship toward a partnership on an equal footing, with extensive cooperation across all sectors, including political dialogue, green growth, energy, agriculture, food, health care, and culture, with a primary focus on capacity-building in these areas.

According to him, the two countries previously had strategic cooperation in various fields related to green growth. Therefore, when they moved toward a relationship called the GSP, it meant that they are seeking a precise term for the collaboration that has been taking place between them.

He stressed that over the past years, the Vietnamese Government has made strong commitments to green transformation, including Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh's commitments at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, heavily reliant on fossil fuels, and with a growing energy-intensive industry.

Therefore, the Danish diplomat said he believes that the GSP will focus on addressing Vietnam’s issues of national and global significance for Vietnam and steering efforts toward greater adoption of green technology and sustainable practices.

He stressed that the agreement to establish the GSP has taken the already close and successful cooperation between Vietnam and Denmark to a new level. Additionally, it provides a robust framework for Denmark to assist Vietnam in developing an economy with climate resilience and low carbon emissions, and promoting a circular economy.

Vietnam is one of the five countries with which Denmark has established a GSP, along with India, Indonesia, South Africa, and the Republic of Korea.

The diplomat revealed that the GSP will be carried out at political, cooperation programme, and economic levels. At the political level, the two governments will continue their dialogues on green growth and climate change issues.

Vietnam and Denmark will promptly discuss and develop a GSP action plan with ambitious objectives and specific actions. It will increase the exchange of knowledge and best practices, strengthen capacity building, and facilitate technology transfer in various strategic cooperation programmes in fields such as energy, agriculture, health care, education, statistics, and more. This plan will also include new initiatives in areas of mutual interest, such as sustainable development, climate, and maritime solutions, he said.