Event promoting Korean tourism held in Ho Chi Minh City

The “My Soul Seoul in Ho Chi Minh City” tourism promotion event was held in Ho Chi Minh City on August 2, attracting thousands of young people.

Famous band "Highlight" gave exciting performances to excite the audience.
Famous band "Highlight" gave exciting performances to excite the audience.

Co-organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organisation, the event offered visitors great experiences with Seoul-style fashion and beauty shows taking place.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience Seoul through a rangeof attractive activities, including enjoying a Seoul Beauty Show with top Hallyu hair and makeup artists, receiving detailed instructions on the makeup styles of famous Korean idols, and enjoying a Seoul Fashion Show.

In particular, the audience in Ho Chi Minh City enjoyed the explosive performance of the famous K-Pop groups such as HIGHLIGHT (BEATS), dance group HOOK (Street Woman Fighter), and female singer Hari Won.

Mayor of Seoul Oh Se-hoon said Ho Chi Minh City is a leading strategic partner for Seoul and that tourism is a particularly prominent field in exchange activities between the two cities.

CEO and president of the Seoul Tourism Organisation Kiyon Kil shared that he would like to thank the people of Ho Chi Minh City for their enthusiastic support and companionship throughout the event. This event has nine times more people interested and registered than expected. It only took two days for the organisers to confirm and distribute tickets to attendees. In response to this enthusiasm, they are planning to organise further events in the near future in Vietnam, he added.

Starting from Ho Chi Minh City, the organising board will continue to implement a plan to promote Seoul tourism worldwide, especially in the regions of Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, and America.