Hanoi to host national forum promoting culture in businesses

The 2022 National Culture and Businesses Forum will be held in the capital city of Hanoi on December 3 with various practical activities.
At the press conference for the forum
At the press conference for the forum

The information was released at a press conference on November 25.

The forum will consist of two major activities, including a seminar titled “Cultural Revival - Foundation for sustainable economic recovery and development” and a ceremony to honour businesses that meet business culture standards.

The seminar will focus on discussing the role and effect of cultural revival to the economic recovery and sustainable development; practical lessons from Vietnamese businesses on promoting the role of culture in economic recovery and sustainable development; solutions to improve the role of culture in economic recovery and sustainable development following COVID-19 amid the geopolitical and geo-economic conflicts in the world; and international integration and the fourth industrial revolution.

Enterprises which meet the set of criteria for business culture will be honoured and presented with certificates.

The national forum will be a chance for Party and State leaders to meet and exchange with the business community, thereby listening to the proposals and recommendations of enterprises on policies and mechanisms to support businesses in recovering and developing the economy, building business culture, and deeply spreading the “building business culture in Vietnam” campaign that was launched by the Prime Minister.

The forum also contributes to the realisation of guidelines and policies of the Party and State on developing Vietnamese culture and people, thus meeting the requirements for the sustainable development of the country.