Vietnam business culture criteria announced

The Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development (VABCD) announced a set of criteria on Vietnam business culture at a press briefing in Hanoi on July 14.

General view of the press briefing on July 14. (Photo:
General view of the press briefing on July 14. (Photo:

Addressing the event, VABCD Chairman Ho Anh Tuan said that the development process of the criteria set received wholehearted and responsible contributions from ministries, sectors, scientists, experts, enterprises and the media.

After its completion, the criteria set was submitted to the Prime Minister and was approved for issuance, serving as a foundation on recognising an enterprise as meeting the Vietnam business culture standards, he stated.

The criteria set consists of two parts, with the first featuring mandatory conditions, including neither smuggling nor tax evasion; not producing or trading in counterfeit or harmful products; no unpaid wages or social insurance premiums; not defrauding, taking advantage of or harming other organisations and individuals; and not violating the law. Businesses must pass these conditions to be eligible for consideration in the next round.

The second part features five groups of evaluation criteria, including driving sustainable business development, building and implementing corporate culture, promoting the rule of law, business ethics, and social responsibility. In each group, there are specific criteria and associated measurement indicators. In total, there are 19 specific criteria and 51 measurement indicators.

At the press briefing, the VABCD also introduced regulations (comprising six chapters and 14 articles) on the certification of a business as meeting the Vietnam business culture standards.

The content of six chapters focuses on some main issues, such as general provisions; mandatory and specific standards based on the aforementioned criteria set; benchmarks for recognition; form and time of honor and recognition bodies; the order of registration, consideration and recognition, as well as requirements concerning participation registration records; rights and regulations on the handling of violations; and enforcement terms.

The recognition and honouring of businesses meeting Vietnam’s business culture standards will contribute to promoting the building of business culture among the Vietnamese business community at home and abroad, gradually forming the typical characteristics of Vietnam’s business culture, thus meeting sustainable development and international integration requirements.

On the occasion, a scheme on the organisation of the inaugural Annual Forum “Culture with Businesses” 2021 was also introduced. Accordingly, the event is expected to be held in mid-November as part of the activities to mark Vietnam Corporate Culture Day (November 10).