Japan officially welcomes back Vietnamese tourists

Vietnamese tourists can visit Japan under a package tour or an individual tour, through a travel agency from September 7, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation JNTO).
Japan is a favourite destination of many Vietnamese tourists. (Photo: VOV)
Japan is a favourite destination of many Vietnamese tourists. (Photo: VOV)

Japan has opened its doors to international tourists from June 10. However, this country only accepts visitors from countries classified as “green” and tourists must book tours through tour operators with accompanying tour guides. During that time, Vietnam was still classified as “yellow” and only Vietnamese students, trainees and businessmen could enter Japan.

JNTO Vietnam office has carried out a campaign with the message “It's time for Japan ‘Okaeri’ with many promotional activities to attract potential Vietnamese customers to the land of the rising sun.

Chief representative of JNTO Vietnam, Kenji Yoshida, affirmed that Vietnam has always been a key market for the Japanese tourism industry and Vietnamese tourists have a great demand for Japanese tourism. In addition, the number of Vietnamese entering Japan after the pandemic is also high.

Previously, the head of JNTO Vietnam also shared his wish that Vietnamese tourists can return to Japan during the red leaf season from September to November, which is a favourite time of the year.

Japan has also eased entry regulations for tourists from many other countries. The country is expected to welcome about 50,000 tourists each day from September 7.