Lawmakers to continue debating bills on November 10

The 15th National Assembly (NA) deputies are scheduled to vote on the Law on the Implementation of Democracy at Grassroots Level before discussing the draft Law on Cooperatives (revised) and the draft Law on Protection of Consumer Rights (revised) on November 10, as part of their ongoing fourth session.
An overview of the NA fourth session (Photo: VNA)
An overview of the NA fourth session (Photo: VNA)

The draft Law on Cooperatives (revised) comprises of 12 chapters and 111 articles. Compared to the 2012 version, three articles are removed, 65 amended, and 49 others supplemented.

The building of the bill aims to complete the legal framework for the dynamic, effective and sustainable development of the collective economy, together with the State economic sector to become a firm foundation of the civil economy.

Meanwhile, the draft Law on Protection of Consumer Rights (revised) has seven chapters and 80 articles, clarifying regulations on principles and policies to protect consumers' interests; rights and obligations of consumers; responsibilities of businesses and individuals towards consumers; activities of social organisations participating in the protection of consumers' interests; the settlement of disputes between consumers and businesses and individuals; and State management of consumer rights protection.

On November 10 afternoon, the lawmakers are also to vote on a resolution on the socio-economic development plan for 2023.