Ministry of Public Security hosts New Year concert 2023

A grand concert to welcome the Year of the Cat was held at Hanoi Opera House on January 29 with the performance of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO) and the People’s Public Security Theatre.
The concert gathers about 100 artists (Photo: VNA)
The concert gathers about 100 artists (Photo: VNA)

The New year concert 2023 was sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security as a present to officers, soldiers and their relatives on the occasion of the new lunar new year.

Following the success of the first one in 2022, the concert has been made an annual event on the 8th day of the first lunar year.

The event this year gathered about 100 artists. It introduced a number of famous songs of Vietnam re-composed for the symphony orchestra such as “Mua xuan dau tien” (The first spring) and “Nguoi Ha Noi” (The Hanoian); and other western and eastern classical pieces about Spring.