National Assembly gears up for busy 7th session

Preparations for the upcoming 7th session of the 15th National Assembly were a key focus of the ongoing 33rd meeting of the NA Standing Committee held in Hanoi on May 15.
Permanent NA Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man chairs the meeting (Photo: VNA)
Permanent NA Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man chairs the meeting (Photo: VNA)

NA Secretary General and Chairman of the NA Office Bui Van Cuong outlined a comprehensive agenda for the session, scheduled to begin on May 20 and conclude on June 27. Lawmakers will tackle a wide range of issues across 39 different topics, including lawmaking, socio-economic affairs, the State budget, and supervision.

The session will be divided into two phases, with the first running from May 20 to June 8 and the second from June 17-27, with an additional reserve day on June 28.

NA Permanent Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man underlined the urgency of finalising the draft revised Law on Social Insurance. He urged the NA's Committee for Social Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, and relevant bodies to work collaboratively and proactively to ensure the law's approval during this session.

He proposed that the Government solicit further feedback from relevant authorities on several key matters, including the National Target Programme on Cultural Development, the draft amended Capital Law, and the draft revised Law on Organisation of People's Courts.

The agenda will include the NA's draft Resolution on piloting a new model of urban administration for Da Nang city, along with specific development mechanisms and policies; and a similar draft Resolution proposing supplementary development mechanisms and policies for Nghe An province.

Lawmakers will also delve into the State budget estimate for 2022 and a draft Resolution on a 2% reduction in value-added tax.