Strengthening solidarity, enhancing the position and central role of ASEAN

Friday, 2021-04-23 11:24:32
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NDO – Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and his entourage left Hanoi on April 23 for the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first foreign visit by PM Pham Minh Chinh since he was elected Prime Minister by the National Assembly on April 5, affirming Vietnam’s priority is to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with ASEAN member countries, contributing to enhancing the position and central role of the Association.

The ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting is set to take place at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta on April 23-24, as the bloc is making efforts to build its community, respond to COVID-19, and address non-traditional security issues. Member countries are promoting consensus on the draft as well as a roadmap for building ASEAN Community Vision after 2025; accelerating assessment of the implementation of the ASEAN Charter; promoting sub-regional cooperation and narrowing the development gap. Countries are also promoting joint initiatives to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, with the active implementation of the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework; and support and contribution to the ASEAN COVID-19 Response Fund, the ASEAN Regional Reserve of Medical Supplies and the ASEAN Centre for Public Health Emergencies.

Regarding the unstable situation in Myanmar, ASEAN has closely watched and showed its concern, affirming the goals and principles agreed in the ASEAN Charter, including the principles of democracy, rule of law and good governance, protecting basic human rights and freedom; affirming political stability in member countries is essential to the goal of building an ASEAN Community of peace, stability and prosperity; and encouraging dialogue, reconciliation and restoration of stability, consistent with the will and interests of the people in Myanmar. Facing negative developments in Myanmar, the international community, including the United Nations Security Council, has increased pressure and demanded the military government in Myanmar to end violencewhile placing high expectations on ASEAN to help stabilise the situation in Myanmar.

At the ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting in Jakarta, PM Pham Minh Chinh and leaders of ASEAN member countries will discuss views on the Myanmar situation as well as measures to further promote the building of the ASEAN Community, pandemic response and strengthening the Association's external relations. The meeting is demonstrating solidarity, unity and the central role of ASEAN in solving emerging challenges, thereby creating a peaceful, stable and favourable environment for sustainable development of each member as well as the region as a whole.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s first foreign trip on his new position and attended the ASEAN high-level event continued to affirm that Vietnam prioritises the consolidation of solidarity and mutual assistance among ASEAN member countries, enhancing ASEAN's central role in resolving issues related to peace, stability and development in the region. Following the positive results achieved in the year in which Vietnam held the ASEAN Chair - 2020, PM Chinh’s trip has affirmed that Vietnam will continue to participate and actively contribute to the process of building the ASEAN Community, promoting regional and sub-regional cooperation attention and priority. As a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations and as Chairman in April 2021, Vietnam is striving to encourage ASEAN to promote its central and connecting role with the United Nations Security Council to ensure objective and balanced information to assist Myanmar to overcome difficulties.

Made after the successful 13th National Party Congress, PM Pham Minh Chinh’s trip provides an opportunity to send the message of our Party and State on the development orientation of the country, strongly affirming the foreign policy of peace, independence, self-reliance, multilateralization and diversification, proactive and active integration into the world in a comprehensive, extensive and effective manner; and continuing to implement the policy of promoting and enhancing multilateral foreign relations.

May Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s trip to attend the ASEAN Leaders' Meeting be a great success, contributing to strengthening solidarity and cooperation among member countries, enhancing the position and central role of the ASEAN, thereby sending a message to the international community about Vietnam's commitment, responsibility and active and active contribution to common work, for peace, stability and development in the region and around the world.