Solutions sought to reduce plastic waste in agricultural sector

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the National Plastic Action Partnership Program in Vietnam (NPAP), and the Vietnam Circular Economy Network, to organise a workshop on agricultural plastic waste management, the current situation and solutions.
An overview of the workshop
An overview of the workshop

The workshop aimed to promote effective solutions for reducing plastic waste in the agricultural industry, focusing on pilot models that have been implemented in practice, solving local problems in all three areas, including planting and farming, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

This event was one of the activities of the agriculture and rural development sector to celebrate the 45th anniversary of World Environment Day 2023.

A report on plastic waste research results conducted by the Institute of Fisheries Economics and Planning said, that of the types of plastic waste discharged into the environment from fishing boats, domestic plastic waste accounted for more than 87%, equivalent to 7.6 tons/year. This source of waste is due to the awareness and habits of ship owners.

At the workshop, central and local management agencies, organisations and individuals discussed and shared experiences to promote actionable solutions, to reduce plastic waste in the agricultural sector in an effective way.

At the same time, the event aimed to mobilise the resources of all parties to create a strong change in production activities, towards the development of responsible, modern, efficient and sustainable agricultural production; circular agricultural economy, environmentally friendly and adaptive to climate change.