‘Tam Cam’ drama attracts children

The drama entitled ‘Tam Cam’ of Le Ngoc stage is becoming the most notable play on Hanoi’s stage on the occasion of Children’s Day (June 1), with shows attracting full audiences.

A scene from the drama  ‘Tam Cam’
A scene from the drama ‘Tam Cam’

People's Artist Le Ngoc said the artists have been performing from May 15 until now and are planning to continue performing until the end of June.

Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Thai also called Tam Cam a rare "phenomenon", in the context of almost all northern stages having no audience.

Explaining the "phenomenon", People's Artist Le Ngoc said, "the Singaporean director has renewed ‘Tam Cam’ (a Vietnamese fairy tale), dropped all of the brutal details and praised maternal love. The content fits very well with children, she said.

She also shared that she selected several child actors, who were selected from young talent competitions, to participate in the play. The participation of child actors in some scenes has made the young audience very excited.

Tam Cam, directed by Singapore director Chua Soo Pong, was adapted from ‘Tam Cam’ the Vietnamese fairy tale. The play’s costumes were designed by Sy Hoang, while the music was mixed by musician Tien Minh.

The performance is also appreciated for its interaction as the artists' interaction created excitement for audiences.

The stage of Le Ngoc is the first socialised drama in Hanoi. Many of Le Ngoc stage's plays were invited to be performed at international stage festivals such as Japan, China, the Philippines and the Republic of Korea