Upholding the spirit of August Revolution in national construction and defence

Seventy four years ago, under the sound leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese people rose up in the great August Revolution, throwing off the yoke of colonialism and feudalism to seize power and establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the first state for farmers and workers in Southeast Asia.

The August Revolution 1945 was a victory of Vietnamese people’s wisdom, bravery and indomitable spirit under the wisdom of the CPV, which was led by President Ho Chi Minh.
The August Revolution 1945 was a victory of Vietnamese people’s wisdom, bravery and indomitable spirit under the wisdom of the CPV, which was led by President Ho Chi Minh.

From a semi-feudal colonial state, Vietnam has become an independent and free country. Vietnamese people had an unprecedented change in their lives, from slaves to become the owners of the country, mastering their destiny.

The August Revolution is a great event, opening a new radiant historical period during the cause of national construction and defence. It brought the country into an era of national independence and socialism. It was the first time in the revolutionary history, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), a new state of the people, by the people and for the people was built. This important event also had profound international significance, strongly encouraging the spirit and determination of colonised and oppressed people around the world in their fights for independence.

Since then, during the arduous struggle, although Vietnamese Revolution sometimes faced numerous difficulties, the Party, State and people created miracles. They were the success of the resistance wars against French colonialists with the great Dien Bien Phu Victory in 1945 and the victory of the General Offensive and Uprising in spring of 1975 to end the resistance war against the US invasion for national salvation, liberating southern Vietnam and reunifying the country. They were followed by the victory in the struggle for defending the northern and southwestern borders as well as the great and significant achievements of the Doi Moi (Renewal) process.

The success of the August Revolution was a victory of Vietnamese people’s wisdom, bravery and indomitable spirit under the wisdom of the CPV, which was led by President Ho Chi Minh. The triumph proved the sound choice of Vietnamese people over many decades of searching for a way to save the country and was the combined result of revolutionary movements over the 15 years since the Party formed. The glorious days in August 1945 became a brilliant milestone in the nation’s history and left valuable lessons for Vietnamese revolution. The victory’s reality showed that it is essential to uphold the national independence and socialism banner; the revolutionary career is of the people, by the people and for the people; and the Party’s power stems from its attachment to the people. They are also lessons of the continuous enhancement of the unity and consensus in the Party, the great national unity and international solidarity as well as the creative and ingenious leadership of the Party - the leading factor determining the success of the Vietnamese revolution, and the creation and seizing of revolutionary opportunities.

For over 30 years of Doi Moi (Renewal) process, the immortal spirit of the August Revolution has been the source of the determination and efforts of the Party and people. As a result, the country has risen and surpassed the threshold of poor and underdeveloped countries to become a developing country. The people’s lives have been increasingly improved; the country’s political and social situation has been stabled; defence and security have been maintained; social democracy has been promoted; and foreign relations have been expanded, raising the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena. The works of building the Party and law-governed state and streamlining the political system have been enhanced. National synergy has increased, creating new forces for the country to continue to grow with good prospects.

This year marks not only the 74th anniversary of the August Revolution but also the 50-year implementation of the testament of President Ho Chi Minh, a genius leader of the Vietnamese Party and people and a great teacher of the Vietnamese Revolution. The whole Party, army and people have upheld the solidarity and responsibility to overcome all difficulties and challenges, building a more dignified and more beautiful country, as per Uncle Ho’s wish, and are determined to successfully fulfill the goals and tasks set out by the 12th Party Congress. They are the strengthening of macroeconomic stability, the promotion of the implementation of strategic breakthroughs, the economic restructure in association with renewing the growth model, the assurance of social welfare and the improvement of people’s lives. The attention to building and developing the Vietnamese national culture and people; the basic and comprehensive renovation of education and training; the development of human resources; the application of science and technology and the proactive seizing of opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution are also important missions.

The entire Party and people have constantly cared for Party building and adjustment, making further changes; as well as actively repelled the degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle and the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party in association with learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideas, ethics and style. The Party, government and people have also continued to renovate and streamline the apparatus of the political system in an effective and efficient manner; build up the contingent of cadres at all levels, especially the strategic level, qualified, competent and prestigious, at the level of mission. The missions of preparation for the Party congresses at all levels towards the 13th National Party Congress and gaining the highest results for set programmes and plans for 2019 and 2020 are promoted, striving to fulfill the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress.

The immortal spirit of the August Revolution is the great source of Vietnam’s strength in the new era, helping people firmly defend the fruits of the Doi Moi cause, firmly pursue the goal of socialism, and develop nation more beautiful and prosperous.