Waste-to-energy plant inaugurated in Can Tho

A ceremony was held in Can Tho on December 8 to inaugurate a waste-to-energy plant, which is expected to help the centrally-governed city deal with pollution from household waste.

The inauguration of the waste-to-energy plant in Can Tho (Photo: PLO)
The inauguration of the waste-to-energy plant in Can Tho (Photo: PLO)

Construction of the plant by China Everbright International commenced in June 2017 and cost a total of US$47 million.

The plant burns waste to produce electricity and can handle 400 tonnes of waste per day to generate 150,000 kWh, equivalent to 60 million kWh per year. The plant’s operational period will be 20 years.

According to Can Tho EB Environment Energy Ltd, which operates the plant, its capacity could increase to 500 tonnes of wastes per day.

The company’s general director added that all kinds of household waste can be burnt at the plant without using any oil.

Can Tho Vice Chairman, Dao Anh Dung, stated that the waste-to-energy plant will help the city deal with the problem of household waste, reduce pollution and improve the living environment.

He asked Can Tho EB to operate the plant safely in line with environmental regulations and asked the relevant authorities to support the company in order to ensure the effective operation of the plant.

Dung also expected his belief that the plant could be replicated in other provinces and cities as a sustainable waste treatment solution.