Webinar discusses linkage promotion between Vietnam and investors

A webinar is being held by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in coordination with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from December 7-8, aiming to tighten relation between Vietnam and investors.

An overview of the webinar. (Photo: mof.gov.vn)
An overview of the webinar. (Photo: mof.gov.vn)

The event was held amid the Vietnamese Government is building important documents to submit to the National Assembly for approval, related to socio-economic development orientations, fiscal management and public debt and public investment for the 2021-2025 period.

The webinar also aims to promptly and accurately provide investors information on the country’s socio-economic development and the Government's decisions related to the investor community.

According to the MOF, Vietnam joining the group of middle-income countries marks an important milestone, opening new possibilities for proactive and effective debt management, while offering the country an opportunity to access a large commercial capital market, allowing for more proactive and flexible capital mobilisation with appropriate borrowing costs amid Vietnam’s positive economic development.

Increasing contact and maintaining relations with investors is an important task to ensure the timely and accurate transmission of information on the macro scale, socio-economic development of the country and Government’s policies to investors.

At the forum, the IMF’s representatives offered suggestion on the objectives and principles of investor relations, focusing on the transparency of data and decisions, the ability to connect with the local authorities to further clarify public information and the accuracy of data.

In addition, IMF experts also offered ways to facilitate investor relations, including setting up website debt management, organising market consultations, phone talks, seminars and conferences, and especially setting up institutional tools to better perform the investor relations function.

Domestic experts at the event discussed the current practices in implementing the investor relationship, the coordination process among agencies, and regulations on reporting data.

The MOF also said that the goal of the series of cooperation activities with the IMF is to help the relevant agencies to strengthen their staff’s capacity in relation to practices of the international capital market, facilitating them to be more proactive in accessing the market and allowing them to conduct transactions immediately at the most favourable times.

In addition to mobilising international capital, the task of contacting and providing accurate information to investors must become a regular task, thereby contributing to promoting the image and reputation of the country to international friends.