Workshop highlights intellectual property and brand building strategy

Nhan Dan Online - The significant role of intellectual property in the country’s socio-economic development and brand building strategy to promote local products were highlighted at a workshop in Hanoi on September 8.

Phu Quoc fish sauce trademark, famous in Vietnam and many countries in the world (VNA)
Phu Quoc fish sauce trademark, famous in Vietnam and many countries in the world (VNA)

At the workshop, organised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MST)’s Intellectual Property Department, domestic and foreign experts from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) discussed measures to enhance competitiveness of enterprises through developing brand strategies.

According to Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quoc Thinh, a lecturer from Vietnam University of Commerce, while aware of the importance of brands, trademarks and inventions, many domestic enterprises have not paid much attention to the issue of registering for intellectual property rights. About 39% of Vietnamese enterprises do not even know where and how to register for IP rights, he noted.

Addressing the workshop, Deputy Head of the MST's Intellectual Property Department Tran Huu Nam underlined the importance of intellectual property in every aspect of the economy, especially in the development of enterprises all over the world.

Vietnam and other developing countries should devise more effective solutions to promote and take advantage of tools to enhance competitive advantages in the global market, he said.

David Faulks, Managing Director of Generation Alliance, an Australian strategic brand consultancy, suggested that Vietnam should determine its key products in conjunction with special features of local geography and communities to attract target customers before building comprehensive brand strategies.