11 National Economics University programmes accredited by ACBSP

National Economics University of Vietnam held a ceremony in Hanoi on November 11 to announce the international accreditation certification from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools (the US) for its 11 training programmes.
At the ceremony
At the ceremony

In 2017, National Economics University became a member of ACBSP and inspected the quality of 11 training programmes, of which 10 training programmes were managed by the School of Advanced Education Programmes and 1 training programme was managed by the Business School.

The programmes include Advanced Finance; Advanced Accounting; High-quality programmes: Auditing; International Business, Business Administration; Bank; Marketing; and Investment Economics; and POHE including: Hotel Management; Management of tourism and travel services; and Business Administration programme in English.

The inspection process had encountered the objective impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic; however, with the efforts of related organisations and the active participation of students in the process of self-assessment and external assessment, the Education Accreditation Council ACBSP had officially announced the results of the inspection by December 28, 2021.

To date, the National Economics University has had 17 quality standard training programmes, including 1 training programme meeting the quality standards of CPA (Australia), 11 training programmes meeting the standards of ACBSP (the US), 6 programmes meeting the quality standards as set in Circular 04/2016 of the Minister of Education and Training.