A spring of pandemic fighting

More than 20,000 officers and soldiers from 13 pandemic-hit localities have been mobilised to participate in tracing COVID-19 cases in the community over recent days. The number, reported by the Ministry of Public Security at a meeting on pandemic prevention and control held between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control on February 15, is an impressive one.

A spring of pandemic fighting

Spring 2020 has so far witnessed isolation, social distancing, online learning, and the closure of cafes and street food shops, among others. This has also been a spring of green and white-shirted soldiers in conjunction with the whole political system on the front line against the pandemic.

This spring, besides the responsibility of ensuring social order and safety during the Lunar New Year and the 13th National Party Congress, 2021 has also placed a heavy burden on the entire police force as one of the front-line forces in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, developing unpredictably in the community.

With the task of “going to every alley, knocking on every door, tracking every subject”, the police force will this year continue to promote their role in this new situation.

The police force not only takes an active role in implementing policy but also consults with local Party committees and authorities in making plans on implementing policies related to pandemic control. They also play a key role in disseminating information and raising awareness on the behaviour and responsibility of each citizen in the battle against the pandemic.

Besides the sanctions and strict punishment on people who avoid medical declaration, violate isolation regulations, and publish fake news on the pandemic, the enhancement of tracing in respect of F1 and F2 subjects in epidemic hotspots is the top priority at this time.

Proactive preventative plans in areas without the pandemic and prompt participation in searching, zoning and isolation by police forces at commune level is a measure of the level of regularity, scientific accuracy and professionalism in epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, the police force is also required to coordinate with other forces to ensure social security and order and protect people's lives, production and business activities in line with Prime Ministerial Directive 16 while remaining ready for other situations depending on the pandemic’s development.

This is also a time when the armed forces and people have a combined will. Discipline observance must be the first priority. The participation of more than 20,000 officers and soldiers is a large number but the consciousness of tens of millions of people is a much greater asset in generating synergy.

The police force has set up 307 pandemic control stations in hot spots such as Chi Linh city, Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province; 12 control stations with the participation of 1,200 officers and soldiers in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province; and 134 control stations with the participation of 449 soldiers in the Ayun Pa and Ia Pa districts in Gia Lai province, amongst others.

The effectiveness of coordination is much more efficient if each family is a self-defence station, limiting entertainment activities in terms of festivals, gatherings, going for coffee and meeting others while the coronavirus is hiding in the community.

Every battle needs a unity of will and action between the front lines and rear. On the front line, the whole health sector, army and police forces are working hard at the borders, airports and ports while tracing each residential and isolation areas. At the rear, each family, agency, office, and business should promote cooperation and sharing of both responsibilities and burdens with the front line.

Even a small act of negligence can weaken or even break the anti-epidemic line, based upon the effort and sacrifice of a large number of people across the whole country.

More than ever, a broad consensus and the solidarity of the people in the fight against the pandemic is extremely important.

This spring is as always a season launching production but this year also one of a high sense of determination to combat the pandemic for the peace of the following seasons.