Admiring Hoanh Son Gate at the top of Ngang Pass

Stopping in the middle of Ngang Pass on the border of Ha Tinh Province and Quang Binh Province, visitors can not only immerse themselves in nature and admire the vast sky and earth, but also have the opportunity to approach an ancient and valuable historical architectural work called Hoanh Son Gate (also known as a Heaven’s Gate).
Hoanh Son Gate
Hoanh Son Gate

Ngang Pass is located on National Highway 1A, which is 85km south of Ha Tinh City. It is 6km long and crosses the Hoanh Son Mountain range. At the top of the pass, there is a wall system surrounding a stone gate which is 4 metres high. Three Chinese letters that read “Hoanh Son Gate” were embossed on its surface.

According to historical records, in 1833, King Minh Mang built the Hoanh Son Pass gate to control vehicles and people crossing the pass. The project was built in one month, consisting of thousands of stone steps. Today, from Hoanh Son Gate, looking north, visitors can see Ky Nam Commune of Ky Anh Provincial Town in Ha Tinh Province, with vast villages and fields. Meanwhile, looking south, visitors can admire blue mountains and water in Quang Dong Commune of Quang Trach District in Quang Binh Province.

In the past, Hoanh Son Gate played an important role in people's lives. Its poetic and spacious beauty also became a source of inspiration for many writers and poets. Today, although most means of transport choose to pass a tunnel through Ngang Pass, Hoanh Son Gate is still a destination that attracts those who love to explore and experience. Anyone who has ever experienced and enjoyed the majestic mountain pass and climbed the mossy steps at Hoanh Son will see that time seems to have stopped in this place at the top of the mountain and next to the sea. Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, Hoanh Son is filled with the sound of the wind and waves and contains many interesting stories about the ups and downs of the country's history.

Nearly two centuries have passed and only a part of the ancient relic of Hoanh Son Gate remains, but the architectural imprint of the citadel is still quite prominent, attracting tourists. Near this relic site, there are also several other destinations for travellers to visit and explore such as the temple dedicated to Princess Lieu Hanh, the fishing village of Canh Duong, and the Vung Chua - Yen Island tourist area.