Ambassador: Overseas Vietnamese contribute to national development

Nhan Dan Online – Overseas Vietnamese around the world always uphold the national spirit, preserve traditions and cultural identities, spare no efforts to stabilise their life and make contributions to the homeland’s development.

Ambassador Dung: Vietnam creates favourable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to preserve national identities and maintain close links to the homeland.
Ambassador Dung: Vietnam creates favourable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to preserve national identities and maintain close links to the homeland.
Vietnamese ambassador to France Duong Chi Dung made the affirmation at the first International Ministerial Conference on Overseas Community in Paris on June 17.
He reiterated open policies and specific measures of the State to provide overseas Vietnamese with favourable conditions to return and visit their relatives and homeland, invest, do business, as well as implement scientific and technological co-operation and art and cultural activities.
They also receive much attention from the State to be able to participate directly in important national political events, including collecting their comments on draft amendments of the 1992 Constitution and several laws, ambassador Dung said.
It is stated in the Constitution that the overseas Vietnamese form an integral part of the Vietnamese community and be under the State’s protection. The Vietnam Fatherland Front, the leading social – political organisation in Vietnam, has 20 overseas Vietnamese members in its Central Committee, he added.
An annual average of 500,000 overseas Vietnamese have recently returned to the homeland to visit their relatives, spend their vacations and do business, including approximately 300 overseas Vietnamese experts and intellectuals coming back for research, teaching and scientific and technological co-operation.
There have been about 3,500 projects invested by overseas Vietnamese in the country by the end of 2011, with the total US$6 billion capital. The annual growth rate of remittances from 10-15% has substantially contributed to the country’s macro-economic stability. The overseas Vietnamese community also helps realise the hunger eradication and poverty reduction in the country.
Ambassador: Overseas Vietnamese contribute to national development ảnh 1
Minister Helene Conway-Mouret (second left, first row): The conference is an opportunity to enhance links among countries on immigration.
The ambassador hoped that French government and people, and other countries where overseas Vietnamese are residing, working and studying in, will continue to support them to integrate into the host countries, which contributes to maintaining and promoting friendship and solidarity between Vietnamese people and the host countries’ people.
About 4.5 million overseas Vietnamese are residing in over 100 countries and territories, taking a certain position in socio-economic and political life of the host countries and affecting the relationship between Vietnam and these nations.
The conference was held under the initiative of Minister for French Nationals Abroad Helene Conway-Mouret, with the participation of representatives from 33 countries and some international organisations. It created an opportunity for delegates to discuss, learn from each other’s experience and enhance co-operation in overseas people work, as well as seek a solution for the rise of immigration.