April 19, 1954: Deeply grasping the Resolution of the Party Central Committee

Facing the difficult and drastic situations in Dien Bien Phu , on April 19, 1954, the Politburo issued a Resolution to continue to thoroughly grasp the motto “firm attack, firm advance” to achieve complete victory for the Dien Bien Phu campaign.
Position No.206 on fire due to being hit by Vietnamese soldiers' artillery and on fire. (Photo: VNA)
Position No.206 on fire due to being hit by Vietnamese soldiers' artillery and on fire. (Photo: VNA)

The resolution affirms that the entire people, the entire Party and the Government are determined to bring all their strength to support the campaign, making a worthy contribution to the army in destroying the Dien Bien Phu stronghold group.

Implementing the resolution of the Politburo, from Government agencies to regional party committees, provincial party committees, and administrative committees at all levels of Viet Bac (northern Vietnam), Tay Bac (Northwest), Inter-zone 3, andInter-zone 4 have encouraged the people to highly promote the patriotic spirit, volunteering to join the army and voluntarily contributing human and material resources to the front line (including people in areas still temporarily occupied).

The practical actions and great support have empowered the soldiers on the front to be more confident and determined to overcome all difficulties, hardships, fierceness, and sacrifice to defeat the enemy and completely destroy enemy troops at DienBien Phu.

On the morning of April 19, 1954, three trenches of Regiment 36 crashed into the enemy's fence; Vietnamese soldiers' DKZ guns gradually knocked down the gun emplacements of the enemy. Occasionally, a series of mortars were fired at the enemy position.

The divisions participating in the campaign carried out instructions on organising political activities; Cadres and soldiers have self-criticised and severely criticised right-wing and negative manifestations. Thereby, they raised the spirit of determination to fight and determination to win, resolutely overcoming all difficulties and hardships and promoting responsibility before the historic battle.

The enemy side is always nervous, thinking that the battle has begun. Enemy planes had to parachute supplies directly onto the base, but they did not dare leave the bunker to get parachutes for fear of sniper bullets. Huguette 1 called for help from Muong Thanh.