Driving the country to overcome difficulties and improving people’s lives

The seventh plenary session of the 14th National Assembly (NA) completed its full agenda in a successful manner on June 14, closing after 20 days of high responsibility and serious and straightforward working.

The seventh session of the 14th NA (Photo: ND/DANG KHOA)
The seventh session of the 14th NA (Photo: ND/DANG KHOA)

The session took place in the context of complicated developments in the region and around the world. The world economy was forecasted to show signs of slow growth and face potential challenges; meanwhile, economic and political disagreements among several large countries has affected the economy of many countries, including Vietnam.

In the country, many difficulties, especially natural disasters and epidemics, have adversely affected the socio-economic development and people's lives. However, thanks to efforts to uphold achievements in 2018, the country’s socio-economic situation has achieved positive results. The economic growth has been quite good and the macro economy has remained stable, whilst the economic restructuring in association with renovation of the growth model has witnessed positive developments. The major balances of the economy have been basically ensured; meanwhile the investment and business environment has been gradually improved.

The fields of culture, society, education, healthcare, labour, employment and social security have enjoyed certain results. National defence and security have been maintained; and foreign affairs and international integration have continued to gain important achievements, affirming the increasing position of Vietnam in the region and the world.

However, the country is facing numerous external and internal obstacles and challenges, causing anxiety and insecurity for people. They are hot issues and shortcomings in the growth model, the restructuring of public investment, the disbursement of public investment capital, the equitisation of state enterprisesand the development of production factor markets. The complicated developments of social evils and crimes, including drugs and child abuse, and the high number of traffic-related deaths are also great challenges for the country. In addition, the examinations and evaluation of the quality of education, particularly in the high-school graduation exam, has witnessed limitations and negative phenomenon. Some diseases are still at high risk of outbreaks.

It is necessary that the whole country has high determination to take drastic and breakthrough measures to continue to overcome challenges as well as maintain and promote the obtainedachievements, constantly improve the people’s lives and develop the country. In that spirit, the seventh session of 14th NA demonstrated the spirit of innovation and closely following the reality for the benefit of the people and nation.

At this meeting, the NA spent a lot of time listening to the opinions of voters and people, while receiving comments from the deputies. The NA focused on considering the important issues for national socio-economic development. The lawmakers frankly pointed out, analysed and assessed the limitations and weaknesses as well as the risks and challenges for the economy, national security, order and social security in order to propose the appropriate polices, solutions and decisions.

With its legislative function, the NA discussed and approved a number of bills and resolutions and gave comments on other bills. The NA conducted a supreme supervision on the implementation of policies and laws on planning, management and use of land in urban areas. In 2020, the NA will conduct a supreme supervision on the implementation of policies and laws on prevention and control of child abuse.

The NA deputies questioned the Deputy Prime Minister, members of the Government and ministers about pressing issues. The question and answer session took place enthusiastically, responsibly and frankly with the improvement of the quality of the questions, the way of questioning and answers, meeting the expectations of the people and voters nationwide.

The NA and Government agreed on the target in the coming time. Accordingly, efforts will be made to overcome the difficulties and challenges; steadfastly pursuing the set goals and targets; focusing on drastic, synchronous and effective implementation of missions and measures according to the resolutions of the Party, NA and Government. It is essential to closely follow and thoroughly grasp the situation of international and domestic situation in order to make appropriate and timely policies, whilst attaching importance to overcoming limitations, weaknesses and obstacles and solving newly arising problems.

Relevant agencies should actively research and set out appropriate policies and measures to promote potential fields to create motivation for development as well as continue to accelerate the improvement of investment and business environment and improve the competitiveness. It is also crucial to mobilise the participation of the whole political system to further promote the potentials and strengths of the people and the business community.

Many specific solutions have been identified, especially indrastically restructuring the economy in association with innovation of growth models and improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Authorities should focus on the cultural and social development as well as the improvement of both the material and spiritual lives of the people. The acceleration of administrative reform, inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations; the enhancement of the fight and prevention of corruption and wastefulness; and active promotion of information and communication work are also important tasks.

With the spirit of high responsibility, the seventh session of the 14th NA successfully concluded with good imprints and concrete results. Immediate challenges and missions are very heavy, requiring the consensus of the whole political system to drastically remedy the limitations and weaknesses as well as to strive to fulfill the goals for socio-economic development, creating a solid basis for the entire Party, army and people to overcome difficulties and drive forward.