Friendship exchange marks New Year festivals of Asian countries

A friendship exchange took place in Hanoi on April 26 to celebrate traditional New Year festivals of several Asian countries.
At the event (Photo: VNA)
At the event (Photo: VNA)

The event was jointly held by the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organisations (HUFO), the Embassy of Laos, which holds the rotating ASEAN Chairmanship 2024, and the Embassies of Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

HUFO Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Ky hoped that via regular peace and friendship activities organised by the union, mutual understanding and solidarity between the people of Vietnam and Hanoi in particular, and those of countries around the world, especially in Asia, will be tightened.

Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Khamphao Ernthavanh stressed that the event created a platform for Vietnamese and Hanoi people, and international friends to gain a deeper understanding of the beautiful traditional festivals that have existed for a long time in each country.

Participants had a chance to witness traditional ceremonies such as Buddha statue bathing, water pouring for good luck, wrist tying ceremony, Holi festival; and enjoy performances presented by Vietnamese artists and staff of the embassies and international students from the countries.