Green colours of Mang Den

From Kon Tum City, visitors can take a small bus along national highway 24 to reach Mang Den District, Kon Plong District. In March mornings, they can enjoy the cool breeze of the highlands as well as the scent of coffee flowers.

Mang Den is also famous for its “7 lakes and 3 waterfalls”.
Mang Den is also famous for its “7 lakes and 3 waterfalls”.

At an altitude of about 1,200m above sea level, Mang Den is often called the "miniature Da Lat" of the Central Highlands. Thousands of hectares of pine trees interspersed with old natural forests fill this place with green. Meanwhile, it is full of mist in the morning and late afternoon. The town has another name, “T’Mang Deeng”, in the language of the Mo Nam ethnic minority people. “T’Mang” means residences and “Deeng” means vastness and flatness. The locality is home to many ethnic minority groups including Mo Nam, Xe Dang, Ka Dong and Hre, who have lived there for a long time with unique cultural identities.

The natural beauty of Mang Den is that all asphalt or small dirt roads pass through two rows of green pine trees. Along the roads, flowers and green grasses are brilliantly illuminated in the sun. Visitors will sometimes encounter villas built using French architecture, some of which are still under construction, while some others look like they have been abandoned for a long time.

Mang Den is also famous for its “7 lakes and 3 waterfalls”, notably Pa Sy Waterfall and Toong Dam Lake. Pa Sy Waterfall was formed from two large streams and creates cool water bubbles in the surrounding space. Toong Dam Lake is as beautiful as a giant mirror reflecting clouds and trees. Stopping at a rustic wooden and bamboo hut by the shore to sip a cup of local coffee amidst the wild and poetic scenery will be a wonderful experience that can help travellers understand why this land is far away but still attractive to visitors.

There are also some interesting farms with many varieties of vegetables, fruits, fragrant flowers and herbs around Mang Den. Hopefully, the locality’s tourism will be developed but its green colour and pristine and precious values will be retained.

Translated by NDO