Ha Nam police force honoured with Military Exploit Order

The police force in the northern province of Ha Nam held a ceremony on January 6, to review its performance in 2021 and deploy tasks for 2022, and receive the Military Exploit Order, first class.

At the ceremony
At the ceremony

Speaking at the conference, Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Public Security praised the force's efforts and achievements in 2021, particularly in fulfilling its role to ensure security and social order, as well as in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the province.

He asked the force to continue implementing synchronous measures to ensure internal political security and economic security; to protect the safety of key events and objectives; and to proactively grasp, forecast and analyse the situation in order to promptly advise the Party committees and authorities in drastically and effectively dealing with security and order issues.

Over the past year, Ha Nam Provincial Police has drastically deployed many peaks to attack and suppress criminals, to fight and dismantle groups and criminals related to "black credit" activities, social evils, contributing to curbing crime by 5.4% from the same period in 2020; while the rate of investigation and discovery of cases reached 92%; the rate of investigation and discovery of very serious and especially serious cases reached 100%.

On the occasion, the Provincial Police was honoured with the Military Exploit Order, first class, by the President, and the Excellent Emulation Flag by the Prime Minister. Two collectives were awarded the Fatherland Defence Order, third class, while 13 collectives and individuals were awarded certificates of merit by the Prime Minister.