Incessantly strengthening the firm national solidarity bloc

Today the 9th National Congress of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front (VFF) opens in Hanoi at a time when the entire Party, people and armed forces are recording important achievements in implementing the resolution of the 12th Party Congress, marking 50 years of realising President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament, looking towards the 90th founding anniversary of the National United Front of Vietnam.

The opening ceremony of the 9th National Congress of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front (Photo: Duy Linh)
The opening ceremony of the 9th National Congress of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front (Photo: Duy Linh)

Throughout history, with its function of mobilising and uniting the classes, ethnic groups, religions and sectors of Vietnamese society, the VFF has gathered the people in a national unity bloc, joining hands to successfully implement the duties assigned by the Party and State, making a major contribution to the cause of national construction and defence.

Building on the glorious tradition, the national unity bloc is now being continuously strengthened and the VFF’s operations have become more and more substantive and associated with the interests of the people.

Such an achievement is brought about by the Party’s intimate and frequent directions; the close co-ordination of the State and governments at all levels; the proactiveness, creativity and activeness of the VFF’s member organisations; the efforts and determination of front workers from the central to grass-roots levels; and, notably, the unanimity of the people from all walks of life.

In the past five years, the VFF has consistently renovated its operations with a wide range of campaigns and emulation movements, which have reflected the people’s patriotism, love of labour and joint efforts to promote socio-economic development, build new rural areas and civilised urban areas, and reduce poverty in a sustainable manner. The VFF’s operations have been strongly geared towards the grass roots and aligned with the people.

The VFF has strengthened its role in social debates, building a strong Party and a rules-based socialist state, representing and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and combating corruption and wastefulness. The front at all levels has proactively worked with the governments to address pressing social problems and has contributed to fine-tuning the legal system in order to ensure that people are the true masters and can express their wishes.

In addition, the external activities of the VFF and its member organisations have been expanded and diversified, helping to enhance political trust as well as Vietnam’s position on the international stage.

The above-mentioned results are highly significant, contributing to the realisation of socio-economic development goals, ensuring national defence and security and firmly safeguarding the socialist Vietnamese motherland.

Nevertheless, the VFF’s operations in the past five years were still faced with several difficulties and challenges. The methods of mobilising the people and reinforcing the national solidarity bloc have yet to be reformed drastically and promptly, and have not met the demands presented by the diverse reality.

In some places, the VFF failed to assert its role in the people’s lives while social campaigns and patriotic movements organised by the VFF were superficial and half-hearted with little impact on building a cultural life, new rural areas and civilised urban areas.

The VFF also faced challenges in social debates and participation in Party building in several places while its role in representing and protecting the people’s legitimate rights and benefits has yet to be fully promoted. The results of people-to-people exchanges are also not outstanding.

In a new term, the VFF at all levels need to continue to renovate the content and methods of their operations; strengthen the political alliance and national solidarity bloc; protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people; exercise democracy and social debates, fight corruption and wastefulness, take part in building a clean and strong Party and government.

The front also needs to increase social consensus, promote the spirit of emulation and creativity, foster socio-economic development, accelerate industrialisation, modernisation and international integration, maintain peace, firmly protect the motherland for wealthy people and a strong, democratic, just and civilised country.

In order to realise the aforementioned targets, the VFF’s operations must always remain close to the Party and State’s guidelines and policies, especially those on building the national solidarity bloc.

The VFF must always listen to the legitimate desires of the people and truly represent the people and protect their legitimate rights and interests. The VFF at all levels need to continuously reform and focus their operations on local neighbourhoods. Furthermore, it is necessary to enhance the capacity and reputation of front workers, a major factor in successfully fulfilling the VFF’s political tasks.

The 9th National Congress of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, 2019-2024 term, takes place at a significant time in the country’s reform and development cause. The VFF will join hands with the Party and State in promoting national solidarity, overcoming all difficulties and challenges to victoriously implementing the targets of socio-economic development and national construction and defence in the new period.