International forum on new rural development opens in Hanoi

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hosted an international forum in Hanoi on November 21 to promote new rural development in Vietnam for the 2016-2020 period.

The forum on new rural development in Vietnam
The forum on new rural development in Vietnam

Speaking at the event, Director of the ministry’s Department of International Cooperation Tran Kim Long said the National Target Programme on New Rural Development for 2016-2020 has set the key goal of devising synchronous policies and special mechanisms for disadvantaged and climate change-affected areas while diversifying social resources for the task, particularly in relation to official development assistance and technical support from foreign partners.

Chief Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Vietnam Jong Ha-bae hailed fruitful results of the 2010-2015 programme, citing improved power supply, road and school infrastructure and health care services. However, he admitted that poor farmers still lack credit access and agriculture insurance while the rates of poor households in several areas remain high.

Jong said FAO will continue providing government support to Vietnam’s agriculture, building evidence-based policies targeting food and nutrition security, enhanced approaches to sustainable agricultural production with a focus on economic development in tandem with environmental protection.

The FAO will offer a technical support programme to Vietnam to improve average income in rural areas, he said.

Carolina V Figueroa-Geron from the World Bank (WB) said the lender has initiated the Programme for Results (PforR) to assist national target programmes, which is expected to improve the quality of investment in agriculture and livelihoods within the framework of the National Target Programme on New Rural Development and the Programme 135 as part of the National Target Programme on Sustainable Poverty Reduction.

PforR will give priority to helping the government with planning, implementation, monitoring and governance while providing financial assistance for small-scale infrastructure and livelihoods, contributing to enhancing productivity and added value, she said.