Japanese artist “paints the Moon” with Vietnamese lacquer

A Vietnamese natural lacquer painting exhibition entitled “Moon” by Japanese artist Ando Saeko, is being introduced at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam.
Artist Ando Saeko (white shirt) talks with visitors at the exhibition.
Artist Ando Saeko (white shirt) talks with visitors at the exhibition.

The event is part of the programmes celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam.

All the artwork displayed depicts the moon in various phases, seasons, weather, time of day and shades of colour, alongside the waka poems that Saeko chose for them. She hopes her paintings will etch beautiful verses in people’s hearts and awaken their precious memories or conjure up new sensations.

Saeko Ando is a Japanese artist and art researcher, currently living in Hoi An City, Quang Nam. After graduating from the renowned Waseda University, Saeko Ando came to Vietnam in 1995 and studied Vietnam’s ancient craft of using son ta - a natural Vietnamese lacquer.

In a nearly three-decades-long career, Saeko has gained international recognition as a contemporary artist, combining traditional Vietnamese lacquer-craft painting techniques, learned from past generations of lacquer masters, with original methods she developed through decades of experimentation.

Saeko is also known as a researcher in the field of natural lacquer and shares her findings via lectures, conventions, and symposia, in the international arena.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until October 1.