Lao press spotlights Vietnam-Laos relations on diplomatic anniversary

Major newspapers of Laos on September 5 published front page articles and photos marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos.
Lao newspapers on September 5 highlight the special relationship with Vietnam.
Lao newspapers on September 5 highlight the special relationship with Vietnam.

Pasaxon, the official organ of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Central Committee, published an editorial to highlight the anniversary and emphasise its significance.

Laos has established diplomatic relations with more than 140 countries, but its relationship with Vietnam is special and rare. Over the six decades, the two nations have made multiple achievements, particularly during their struggles for independence. Laos and Vietnam have supported each other to fight the common enemies and liberate their nations.

The editorial said that bilateral cooperation has been deepened across fields such as politics-security, economy, and culture-society, bringing practical benefits to the Vietnamese and Lao people.

The Vientiane Mai newspaper posted on its front page an article on mastering the thoughts of late Lao President Kaysone Phomvihane on the special Vietnam-Laos relationship.

It said the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation have been cultivated by Lao Presidents Kaysone Phomvihane and Souphanouvong. These ties will be protected, becoming an invaluable heritage for future generations, and contributing to the cause of peace, stability and cooperation in the region and the world.

The PathetLao Daily run by the Lao News Agency (KPL) published an interview with Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung on the occasion.

Talking to the press in Laos, the diplomat said the fact that Vietnamese and Lao leaders agreed to make 2022 the year of friendship and solidarity between the countries affirmed the importance of the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation.

It also showed that this is an invaluable common property of the two peoples to ensure the existence and development of the two countries, sending a very clear message that no matter how the world changes, the two Parties and States are always determined to cultivate and deepen their relationship.