Practical activities implemented to express gratitude to teachers

Today, November 20, marks the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day - a day when the whole society shows affection, respect and gratitude to the team of teachers, for their great contributions to the noble "people growing" career.
The Prime Minister gave gifts to typical teachers. (Photo: Tran Hai)
The Prime Minister gave gifts to typical teachers. (Photo: Tran Hai)

Currently, the force of teachers across the country has grown tremendously in both quantity and quality. In which, more than 1.6 million teachers are working in both public and non-public sectors, from preschool to university. More than 900,000 retired teachers still have many contributions from different angles to education.

In addition, the whole country has nearly 115,000 teachers studying in universities and colleges of pedagogy, which is an important preparatory source for future teachers.

Teachers are currently in charge of teaching more than 23 million students studying in all programs, levels and types of education. More than 70% of inventions, utility solutions, and international scientific publications are made by teachers and scientists.

With the deep concern of the Party and State, the care of mass organisations, social organisations, and the attention of the Party committees and authorities, as well as the cooperation of the parents of students, along with the efforts and sense of responsibility of the teaching staff, the cause of education and training in Vietnam have achieved important achievements.

Most teachers and education administrators have a passion for the profession, good professional ethics, a high sense of responsibility at work, and the will to rise, actively study and foster to improve their professional and professional qualifications.

They also actively innovate teaching content and methods, to step by step meet the requirements and tasks serving the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of the country.

The team of teachers always cultivates morality and maintains character and an exemplary attitude. Every teacher is a shining example for students to follow.

The Vietnamese people have a tradition of venerating teachers and respecting morals. The Party and State affirm that education is the top national policy. There are many mechanisms and policies to cultivate and build a growing contingent of teachers, meeting the requirements of innovation. The Ministry of Education and Training has been reviewing policies and regulations related to teachers, to promote creativity and make teachers more attached to the profession.

Many policies to support teachers, and turn pressure into a driving force for innovation and development of education and training were also issued. Ministries, branches and localities shall cooperate to gradually improve working conditions for teachers; building a school cultural environment, and a healthy and democratic pedagogical environment.

Despite the attention, respect and honour of the whole society, the reality of education and training innovation, in the current integration trend, shows that some mechanisms and policies have not kept pace with the requirements set out in the world. It has not created favourable conditions for teachers to fulfil their responsibilities and missions.

The situation of violating the values ​​and standards of teachers and schools still takes place. The situation of leaving children to school, with teachers and then only blaming education, is a sad and alarming reality. Even the situation of insulting, causing material and spiritual effects on teachers, is no longer rare. Therefore, it is necessary to have more mechanisms and policies to create favourable conditions and create more motivation, both materially and spiritually, for teachers to best fulfil their mission and responsibility.

Families, students' parents and society need to understand, share and accompany the teaching staff in the process of raising their children to be human. Honouring teachers is not only a formality, not only on Vietnamese Teachers' Day but also a process and journey throughout, becoming the core standard in the process of human development and nation-building.