Promoting achievements in national socio-economic development

The 14th National Assembly (NA)'s eighth session successfully completed its agenda on November 27 and wrapped up after nearly a month of scientific, serious and highly responsible sitting.

Promoting achievements in national socio-economic development

This is the year-end meeting when our country's socio-economic situation continues to achieve quite comprehensive results including: a fairly high growth rate, macroeconomic stability, well-controlled inflation, the economy' s large targets improved, ensuring social security, and improving the quality of people's life. 2019 was the second consecutive year that it was estimated to reached and exceed all main targets assigned by the NA; creating a solid basis to complete the five-year socio-economic development plan in the 2016-2020 period.

The above achievements are very important, affirming the correctness of the Party's leadership, the drastic direction of the Government; as a result of the determination, consensus and efforts of the whole political system, the people and the business community in overcoming difficulties to fulfill the goals and tasks. Thereby, the achievements continued to consolidate the people's confidence in the leadership of the Party and the State, as well as NA's activities.

However, the country is facing many difficulties and great challenges that make people worried. Macroeconomic stability is not really solid. Progress of implementation and disbursement of public investment has been slow, including some key infrastructure works under the Resolution of the National Assembly. Productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy are still low. The agricultural sector faces many difficulties, especially due to natural disasters and epidemics. infrastructure development and human resource training, especially high quality human resources, have not met the set out requirements. The fields of culture, society and environment still have shortcomings. The life of a part of the population is still difficult, especially the people in ethnic minorities and remote regions, and disaster-affected areas. Social order and the crime situation in some localities were complicated; many traffic accidents and serious fires occurred.

In this situation, it is necessary to the whole country's high determination, drastic and breakthrough solutions to continue to overcome difficulties and challenges, maintain and promote the achieved achievements, continuously improve people's life, develop the country. Therefore, the 14th National Assembly (NA)'s eighth session continues to show the spirit of innovation, solidarity, creativity and action for the benefit of the people and the country.

At this meeting, the NA continued to spend a lot of time to collect comments from the NA deputies; focusing on important issues related to the socio-economic development process. The NA deputies frankly pointed out, analyzed and assessed the limitations, weaknesses as well as risks and challenges of the economy, and proposed guidelines, solutions and policies. The NA approved 11 laws, codes, and 17 resolutions and scrutinized 10 other draft laws. In particular, there are important laws related the areas that is interested by public opinion, and meets the legitimate needs of life. Especially, the consideration and approval of the Labour Code (amended) drew much interest from the people and society, because the amended and supplemented contents will contribute to solving problems and shortcomings from practice. Thus createing a legal framework to promote the labor market development in accordance with the new context of integration; at the same time, better ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of workers and employers.

The National Assembly deputies questioned the Prime Minister and the Government members, heads of sectors with many hot issues of the country and society. The question-and-answer sessions took place in a democratic, straightforward, and responsible manner with the improvement of the quality of questions, the questioning methods, while the answers step by step met the expectations of the people and voters nationwide. The NA listened to the report on foreign affairs work in 2019, including the East Sea situation; approving a resolution ratifying the Supplementary Treaty to the 1985 on the Delimitation of National Boundaries and 2005 Supplementary Treaty between Vietnam and Cambodia and protocol on land border demarcation between the two countries. Approving the two documents contributed to building a peaceful, stable border and strengthening friendship between the two countries. They also serve as legal and political foundations to address other border demarcation issues.

Notably, for the first time, the NA issued a resolution on the overall scheme of socio-economic development and investment in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in 2021-2030. This resolution integrates a unified policy, reducing management clues and assigning clear tasks; promoting the role and function of ethnic work; prioritising investment with focus on special difficulties areas, ethnic groups with special difficulties of ethnic minorities and mountainous areas.

From the results of the eighth session, the NA agreed on the goals set out in the coming time: focusing on macroeconomic stability; controlling inflation; improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Promoting innovation, improving institutions, unfreezing resources; creating open and favorable investment and business environment. Strongly promoting economic restructuring associated with innovation of growth model; accelerating the implementation of important national projects, key projects. Developing high-quality human resources associated with the development of science, technology and innovation. Closely linking economic, cultural, social development, environmental protection with strengthening national defense and security. Continuing to streamline the apparatus; reducing the size of the workforce; administrative reform, judicial reform, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of executive direction and law enforcement. Maintaining independence, sovereignty, national territorial integrity and a peaceful and stable environment for development; improving the prestige and position of our country in the international arena.

With a high sense of responsibility, the 14th NA's eighth session ended successfully with many good impressions and important results. In the context of international and domestic situations still facing many difficulties and challenges mentioned above, the immediate task is very heavy, requiring the whole country to resolve, make more efforts, overcome difficulties, overcome challenges, cling to observing reality and taking drastic action in all fields to successfully implement socio-economic development objectives and targets.

In the context of the international and domestic situation still facing many above difficulties and challenges mentioned, the very heavy immediate tasks, that requiring the whole country to make more efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges. It is necessary to stick to reality, take drastic action in all fields to successfully implement socio-economic development targets.