Scriptwriter Le Quy Hien: Epidemic is a test to reveal social characteristics

Scriptwriter Le Quy Hien has shared that the COVID-19 epidemic provides a test to reveal social characteristics while bringing to him waking thoughts about life in an interview granted to Nhan Dan (People) Weekly Newspaper.

Scriptwriter Le Quy Hien (Photo:
Scriptwriter Le Quy Hien (Photo:

Question: The COVID-19 epidemic has posed huge impacts on people’s life in Vietnam and around the world, but it has also brought us many lessons to learn and waking thoughts to meditate at the same time. What do you think about the epidemic?

Scriptwriter Le Quy Hien: I think that in every challenge there lies opportunities. We all heard and witnessed its negative impacts on life, but it has also provided an occasion to practice new habits, including wearing masks in public space, restraining going outside without urgent reasons, and reducing crowded gatherings for non-stop chit chat.

The epidemic has also rewarmed up the relationships between family members while gathering for family meals – a very important event that many of us might forget amidst the busy life and work.

Taking a broader view of society, the epidemic prevention has helped us learn that once each of us share a helping hand to unite and stand together, we can resolve every life issue.

It is said that you are working on a transcript for a stage play on COVID-19 prevention and control. Is it true?

Yes, why not? The epidemic has changed the awareness and actions of everyone and every organisation.

Can you share us more about the transcript of your stage play?

My stage play is set in the context that our society was hit by the epidemic outbreak, during which each character express pivotal personalities. As for me, the epidemic is a test for love, nobility, sacrifice, empathy and sharing to rise high in the community while exposing the opportunists and selfishness at the same time.

My stage play will focus on honesty. Truths, that for whatever reason are hidden, will be revealed.

You have worked not only as a script writer but also an active journalist who have actively reported on pressing issues of life. From your working experience, how do you evaluate the stage’s role in featuring the pressing issues of life?

Stage or any other forms of literature and the arts must stick to real life. No matter if they feature pressing or typical issues, a stage play will be warmly welcomed by the audience as long as it timely reflects people’s thoughts and aspirations.

It can be seen in our ongoing fight against COVID-19, many songs such as ‘Ghen Co Vy’ and ‘Trong Com’ have won the hearts of listeners by conveying meaning message of handwashing and preventive measures against the epidemic. In particular, the song ‘Trong Com’ was adapted from the same-name popular folk song of Vietnam's northern region, thus contributing to popularising traditional Vietnamese melodies to the world.

This what stage scriptwriters and artists to learn from. I think that a stage scriptwriter should think as a journalist does in order to timely catch up with life’s realities, and in vice versa, journalists should think in a way that a scriptwriter does so that their articles can not only provide readers with information but also touch the their hearts through the lives of people.

Thank you so much for your sharing!