Get lost in peach bloom forest in Sa Pa

Tuesday, 2019-02-19 18:21:57
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Peach and cherry blooming the whole area pink leading to Fansipan cable car station in Sa Pa town.
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NDO – Visitors that travel to Sa Pa town these days can enjoy the stunning beauty of the peach blooms along the route lead to Sun World Fansipan Legend tourism site.

Along the 1.5 km long Nguyen Chi Thanh street leading to the site, hundreds of different types of peaches are on show.

During the Lunar New Year festival, cherry blossoms began to bloom, but it is not until this time that the whole forest is in full bloom to paint a picturesque northwest beauty in the new spring.

More than 600 peach trees along both sides of Nguyen Chi Thanh street and 7-storey terraces around the Fansipan cable car station have turned Sun World Fansipan Legend into one of the most terrific peach blossom gardens in Sa Pa.

Not only peach blossom, visitors are also fascinated by the scenery of colourful spring flowers.

This year, the tulip flower from the Netherlands also contributes to the brilliant spring flower painting in Fansipan.

Also during this time, visitors to Fansipan can immerse themselves into the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in Fansipan peak that lasts until March 8. Besides the unique highland cuisine and spring markets, there is a lot of fun with a series of attractive folk games.

Every day, the festival attracts thousands of visitors and Buddhist followers who come to enjoy the spring atmosphere and worship Buddha.

In the midst of the space filled with the enchanting flowers of the Northwest sky and the spring, visitors can listen to sweet lyrics and dances in the unique spiritual performances.

Lucky red papers sent to Buddhist followers and visitors, making the trip in the new lunar year more meaningful and sacred.

The spring trip to the top of the Fansipan mountain will be more memorable as visitors are allowed to enjoy the most unique and quintessential cultural values of the Northwest highland through the dances, folk games, typical dishes and bazaars of local compatriots.

Buddhists and tourists can also directly admire precious Buddha relics in the heart of the Amitabha Buddha Statue - the highest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam to make a wish for a peaceful new year.

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