Vietnam-Korea Culture and Culinary Festival to open next week

Vietnam – The Korea Culture and Culinary Festival 2013 is set to open in Hanoi on November 16 and 17, according to the Korean Embassy in Hanoi. 

Vietnam-Korea Culture and Culinary Festival to open next week

Various Korean enterprises will take part in the event, including Namyang Diary, Paldo Noodle, K-Mart, Star Korea, and others. The event is held to introduce locals to the culinary specialties and typical agricultural products of Korea.

Visitors will also have the chance to enjoy special Korean foods, such as kim chi, and will learn how to cook Korea dishes.

Park Noh Wah, the Korean Embassy’s Minister Counselor, said: “The difference of this year’s Festival is that we will invite many Korean restaurants in Hanoi to join and introduce their specialties with reasonable pricing, so that visitors can come and try good and diversify dishes. “

The Vietnam-Korea Family Association will also prepare various dishes for this event.

In addition to culinary culture, several famous Korean pop bands, such as Seoul Pops and Alice, are set to perform at the festival. There will also be a costume display of Vietnamese Ao Dai and Korean Hanbok.

The Vietnam-Korea Culture and Culinary Festival 2013 is co-organized by the Embassy of Korea in Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Korea Agricultural Products Distribution Corporation, the Korea International Exchange Fund and the Korea Tourism Administration.

Last year, there were about 70,000 visitors to the event, and the revenue of US$19,000 was donated to the underprivileged in Vietnam. This year, all proceeds from ticket sales (10,000 VND/ticket) and other donations will go to the victims of flooding in central Vietnam.