Vietnam’s tourism administration launches new website

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has unveiled a new look for its website to enhance user experience and support the sector’s post-pandemic recovery.

The homepage of the VNAT website.
The homepage of the VNAT website.

The new website, available at, features bigger fonts and images with more open spaces to attract readers, who are now welcomed with panorama banner images and distinctive information cards.

While navigating the portal, visitors can experience various multimedia content such as video clips, photo galleries and infographics, about the development of Vietnam’s tourism sector.

The website is also connected with social media accounts of the VNAT on such platforms as Facebook, YouTube and Zalo, offering readers a seamless experience.

In recent years, the VNAT website has been a reliable source of information on Vietnam’s policies regarding tourism development as well as notable events and activities of the Vietnamese tourism industry.