10,000 runners participate in Longbien Marathon 2022

Early in the morning of October 30, the 2022 Longbien Marathon with the theme "Stronger together" took place with four courses of 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km, at many locations in Long Bien district, Hanoi city.
A female athlete finished the Longbien Marathon 2022, in the early morning of October 30.
A female athlete finished the Longbien Marathon 2022, in the early morning of October 30.

Longbien Marathon is an annual running race, held for the 6th year in Hanoi. As one of the biggest Marathon races in Vietnam, Longbien Marathon 2022 aims to develop the running movement in Vietnam and make the race an annual rendezvous for athletes.

According to statistics, the organising board of the Longbien Marathon 2022 has received about 10,000 applications to participate. Which, 3,300 athletes registered for a distance of 42km; 3,200 athletes registered for a distance of 21km; 2,300 athletes registered for the 10km distance and 1,200 athletes registered for the 5km distance.

Athletes participating in the 42km and 21km races started at 4 am on October 30. Meanwhile, athletes participating in the two distances of 10 and 5km, started at 6.30 am and 8 am on the same day, respectively.

Organised by the People's Committee of Long Bien District in collaboration with Race Vietnam, the 2022 Longbien Marathon's participants are expected to become a warrior - possessing mental health and strong physical health, supple and strong, overcoming the difficulties left by the epidemic.

In addition, the race also aims to detect and select excellent athletes to join the track and field team of the Long Bien district, to train and compete at the city and national athletics tournaments.

Therefore, all roads are carefully measured by experts of Race Vietnam, AIMS and certified to meet international standards.