Belgium man with considerable respect for President Ho Chi Minh

In the working corner at his house in the city of Saint-Truiden, Belgium, Ahmet Yazar hangs pictures of the world's revolutionary leaders for whom he has considerable respect.

Ahmet Yazar standing next to a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh placed on his bookcase (Photo: VNA)
Ahmet Yazar standing next to a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh placed on his bookcase (Photo: VNA)

President Ho Chi Minh's photo is solemnly placed next to great leaders of the world such as German philosopher Karl Marx, Cuban President Fidel Castro, and Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara.

There are also photos on the bookshelf which capturing the Vietnamese leader typing and being surrounded by international children.

Speaking with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Belgium, Ahmet, a Turkish-born Belgian man who has lived in the European country for 30 years, said that his attachment to Vietnam was formed in the 90s when he studied in Germany.

He was still in high school at the time when he read about Vietnamese history and President Ho Chi Minh’s biography. He also made friends with a group of Vietnamese students and was impressed by their hospitality.

Having conversations with the Vietnamese friends and enjoying Vietnamese-style meals with traditional fried spring rolls brought a warm feeling for him as if he were a member of a Vietnamese family.

After graduating in Germany, Ahmet moved to Belgium where he worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

He said that whenever he looks at the portrait of President Ho Chi Minh, especially at his eyes, he has an indescribable feeling, which is a mixture of admiration and closeness. He called the Vietnamese leader “Uncle Ho” in the way Vietnamese people do.

He explained that his admiration for Uncle Ho came from the fact that President Ho was a hero, a true revolutionary who led the Vietnamese people to fight for national independence. He also praised President Ho as a man of knowledge and wisdom as the President was both a poet, a writer, and a philosopher.

Ahmet said that Uncle Ho is not only the leader of the Vietnamese nation but also the leader of all those “whose hearts beat for freedom”. Uncle Ho is a great source of motivation in the fight against injustice all over the world, he reiterated.

As for him, President Ho is the one who lights his way. The more he reads about Uncle Ho, the more inspired he becomes.

He loves the Vietnamese people for their solidarity and diligence. He plans to visit the Vietnam, a beautiful land with hospitable people and delicious food. with his two daughters. During his visit, he will definitely pay tribute to Uncle Ho at his mausoleum to show respect and admiration for the great leader and the global cultural celebrity.