British natural historian’s documentary conveys strong message about protecting the Earth

In his latest documentary titled "A Life On Our Planet”, English well-known natural historian David Attenborough delivers a wake-up call for all of us in protecting the common house of all – the Earth.

The panel discussion at the premier of the message sent through a documentary by David Attenborough.
The panel discussion at the premier of the message sent through a documentary by David Attenborough.

On the evening of November 12, in Hanoi, the British Embassy and the Italian Embassy in Vietnam together with the World Wildlife Fund co-organised the premiere of the documentary by David Attenborough.

In his movie, as a living witness, Attenborough, 93, told the true story of the changing world in one lifetime. With his signature inspirational storyline, he guides viewers through his six decades of exploring the biological world, to see the devastating changes and rapid decline that the natural environment is suffering from due to human influences.

From which, the 1926 born natural historian proposed solutions to a better future for all of us, through the protection of the green planet itself – the common home of all biological worlds.

As one of the special guests at the event, journalist cum film critic Le Hong Lam said that with his future vision and the solutions he gave, the most important message of the film is calling for us to act not to save our planet but to protect ourselves.

Hoang Thi Minh Hong, Director and Founder of Centre of Hands-on Action and Networking for Growth and Environment (CHANGE), emphasised that the consequences of climate change are having a negative impact on the lives of all people and economies, while countries are still fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Nature is sending a message and the movie has shown it clearly, such that people not only understand the unsustainable human impacts, but also are inspired to act to mitigate climate change for a better future, she added.

The guests at the event also claimed that the film showed the scale of the threats to the wildlife, urging each of us in finding solutions and join hands for our only planet – a common home for all.

"A Life on Our Planet" was co-produced by Silverback Films and WWF and was released in a number of theatres worldwide from September 28, 2020, as well as on the online platform Netflix from October 4.

Sir David Attenborough has also produced a number of other prominent works throughout his 60-year career, including "Life on Earth", "Planet Earth", and most recently the original documentary series in collaboration with Netflix "Our Planet". David Attenborough's wildlife series have spread around the world and have attracted billions of viewers.

For his exceptional dedication, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1985.