Ceremony responds to World Environment Day 2023

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has organised a ceremony in Hanoi in response to the World Oceans Day and World Environment Day.
At the ceremony.
At the ceremony.

The event aims to promote communication and create more practical actions to raise public awareness about resource protection and marine and island environment protection.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched World Environment Day (June 5) with the theme "Solutions to Plastic Pollution," focusing on implementing the campaign "Fighting Plastic Pollution" to strongly convey the message and build a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature; rational use of natural resources, biodiversity, and climate change adaptation; control and solve plastic waste pollution; increase recycling and reuse; and promote the green economy.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh said: "Like many other countries, Vietnam is facing many challenges of "white pollution". With over 3,260 kilometres of coastline stretching from the north to the south, and about 50 percent of the population living in lowland areas, Vietnam is considered one of the most vulnerable and being negatively impacted by sea level rise.

In implementing the initiative to build a circular economy in plastic waste management through the public-private partnership (PPP) model, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has cooperated with Unilever and other partners to realise the model of sorting at source and collect and recycle plastic waste. Since 2020, Unilever's cooperation projects have collected more than 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste while creating favourable conditions for plastic recycling activities in Vietnam.

In the framework of the “Green Living Day”, many environmentally friendly products, solutions, initiatives, and models of environmental protection were introduced to the community, thereby promoting sustainable production and consumption.

Notably, Unilever Vietnam has announced a plastic cycle model in collaboration with recycling partner Duy Tan, helping people understand the importance of sorting plastic waste at home.