Hanoi develops cultural industry from heritages

A seminar was held by the Hanoi Municipal Department of Culture and Sports on November 23 to discuss the development of cultural industry through the exploitation of cultural heritages in both in-person and online forms.

At the seminar (Photo: NDO)
At the seminar (Photo: NDO)

The event was part of the activities to mark Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23, 2005-2021).

Hanoi is home to nearly 6,000 relic sites and 1,793 intangible cultural heritages.

With its huge heritage capital, heritages have become an important natural resource for the city to develop its cultural industry. In contrast, cultural industry will help preserve and promote the values of the heritages.

At the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Tran Lam Bien emphasised that the preservation of heritages is the root of cultural construction and development.

According to Dr. Le Thi Minh Ly, it is crucial to develop cultural industry so that culture can contribute to socio-economic development. With its rich heritage treasure, Hanoi should focus on developing cultural industry from its heritage capital, including both intangible and tangible heritages.

In particular, the capital city needs to boost propaganda to raise public awareness on preserving and promoting heritage sites and enhance the application of technological advances into the field of heritage.

Many participants also gave their opinions on the sectors that Hanoi has prioritised for its development as well as methods to exploit the value of heritages in the development of cultural industry in association with building a creative city.