Kien Giang promotes tourism by air

On January 14, the People's Committee of Kien Giang Province held a conference on cooperation to promote investment, trade and tourism by air in Phu Quoc City.

Bui Quoc Thai, Director of Kien Giang Tourism Department spoke at the conference.
Bui Quoc Thai, Director of Kien Giang Tourism Department spoke at the conference.

This activity in part of a series of events marking the recovery of the tourism industry in Kien Giang Province in general and Phu Quoc City in particular towards gradually opening up and developing the economy.

Director of the Kien Giang Department of Tourism Bui Quoc Thai said that this is a very meaningful event towards strengthening image introduction and tourism promotion combined with investment and trade promotion between Kien Giang Province and airlines to domestic and international tourists through domestic and international routes.

"Through this event, Kien Giang hopes that provincial agencies, departments, sectors and businesses will further promote demand-stimulating activities and restore the local tourism after a long time being severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic," said Bui Quoc Thai.

The complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years has significantly affected the investment, trade and tourism promotion activities of Kien Giang Province.

Acting Head of Sales & Marketing Department at Vietnam Airlines Pham Thi Nguyet shared that with the goal of comprehensive cooperation and accompanying the locality, Vietnam Airlines and Kien Giang Province have agreed to sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement to work together in the process of "opening the door to fight the epidemic", implementing measures to stimulate demand, promoting the image of Phu Quoc tourism as a "safe destination", affirming the destination brand of Vietnamese tourism in general and Kien Giang in particular.

The first phase is expected to focus on markets with good disease control such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Singapore. The next phase will gradually expand to the US, Europe, China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), and Southeast Asia markets.

To create momentum for economic recovery in the coming time, Kien Giang Province will focus on promoting all three areas, including: attracting investment in export and tourism, gradually restoring domestic and international tourist markets, and restoring related service provision activities of the tourism industry.