National contest launched to seek new ‘Cai Luong’ talents

The National ‘Cai Luong’ (Reformed Opera) Talent Competition will take place in Bac Lieu Province, from September 23 to 30, announced by the Department of Performing Arts (DPA) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on September 18.
The contest aims to seek new ‘Cai Luong’ talents (Photo:
The contest aims to seek new ‘Cai Luong’ talents (Photo:

The event will witness the competition of 63 contestants aged from 18 to 45, from 24 art troupes and art training facilities across the country.

Each contestant is required to perform an excerpt which must be less than 25 minutes long and presents the most typical features of the ‘cai luong’ art form.

The event, co-organised by the DPA and the Vietnam Association of Stage Artists, aims to honour new talents in the art form and recognise the creativity and efforts made by ‘cai luong’ artists.

It also helps State-run management agencies to review the practice of ‘cai luong’ and work out solutions to foster the development of the traditional art form in modern life.

In addition, it is expected to provide a venue for contestants to learn and exchange experiences with each other, improve their singing while performing skills and increase the quality of their performances.