New hub for technology, arts communities launched in HCM City

Within the framework of the programme "Ready for Next 2022" held from December 4 to 11, the University of Economics HCM City (UEH) officially launched a ArtTech Fusion Hub connecting technology and arts communities for sustainable development.
The ArtTech Fusion Hub, connecting technology and arts communities for sustainable development, was launched by the University of Economics HCM City.(Photo courtesy of UEH)
The ArtTech Fusion Hub, connecting technology and arts communities for sustainable development, was launched by the University of Economics HCM City.(Photo courtesy of UEH)

The ArtTech Fusion Hub (ATFH) creates a network connecting universities, experts, governments, businesses, and domestic and international management agencies to resolve social issues relating to urban and industry development based on technology and art.

ATFH is expected to become an internationally integrated platform and the intersection between art and technology to develop creative activities towards sustainable values.

The hub will carry out the mission of applying ArtTech as a tool to solve urban and industrial problems through education and research to contribute to a better quality of life, and nurture an environment of innovation to encourage changes and inspire the arts towards sustainable development.

It will be the convergence of the community of scientists, researchers, and domestic and foreign experts to discuss, consult, research, and spread knowledge and innovation tools to solve specific and urgent problems.

Experts said sustainable development brings a better quality of life and requires the participation and contribution of the entire community, including the central role of universities where professional knowledge and understanding of life is laid first for the younger generations.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, technology and design are important bases for developing a better life. Meanwhile, art is the breath of life and the foundation of creativity.

Therefore, sustainable development must be based on technology combined with art and culture to balance material and spiritual factors, thereby improving the quality of life comprehensively.

The president of UEH Prof. Dr. Su Dinh Thanh said technology, design and art are seen as spearheads for breakthroughs and tools to solve the problems of modern society and the future in the current context of strong digitalisation and globalisation.

“ATFH is a gathering place for communities of scientists, educators and artists to create changes and inspire art towards sustainable development,” he said.

The hub will perform three main functions, including education and training, research and development, and networking.

It will organise short courses and training programmes related to the fields of media, fashion, ArtTech, and design; scientific seminars, and promoting research, consultation and transfer to the community in solving issues related to sustainable development based on ArtTech; and ArtTech activities such as academic exchanges, and professional development towards supporting startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Its activities will revolve around the four pillars of media, technology, art, and design, with specific fields such as gamification, motion tracking, digital entertainment, hybrid events, metaverse, virtual humans, sustainable materials, NFTs, visual art, interactive art, digital art, robotics art, UX, UI, VFX, and urban simulation.

The ATFH network has attracted the attention and participation of many strategic partners such as Kwangwoon University, Seo Kyong University, Ulsan City Art Museum, SeoCho district, NC Soft, University of Seoul, Handong University, Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam Startup Club, and HCM City Photography Association.

Attending the hub’s launching ceremony, Suh Jun Suk, director of the Republic of Korea’s Ulsan Art Museum, said the future society is not solely based on the development of technology but must be based on the harmony, interaction, and unity between humans, machines, and nature.

“This poses a requirement for future generations of young people to grasp and master technology, use technology as a driving force for development, use art to nurture spiritual values, and thereby work together towards sustainable development,” he said.

By 2025, ATFH will implement a comprehensive development plan from education and research to networking with activities such as “Smart Living - Changing lifestyles to action for sustainability through ArtTechLens", "Emerging Media - technology is the key to open the door to the future", "ArtTech for Community: application and breakthrough", and "Sustainable ArtTech towards a prosperous society."

Through the hub in particular and the Ready for Next 2022 series of scientific and artistic events in general, UEH aims to further promote the role of universities - hubs for connecting multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary knowledge, connecting resources, resonating and spreading positive values, and contributing to the common picture of sustainable development of the community.